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Setup MiddleVR in Unity

Setup MiddleVR in Unity#

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to add MiddleVR to your Unity project
  • How to export your application
  • How to run your application through MiddleVR configuration tool.


  • A mouse with three buttons

Add MiddleVR to your Unity project#

Import the MiddleVR package#

  • Open the Packet Manager: Click in Window > Package Manager

  • Click on + and choose Add package from disk...

  • Locate C:\Program Files\MiddleVR2\unity_packages\MiddleVR\package.json :

The package will then be imported and you can see that the plugin is correctly installed if you click in In Project:

Add the VR manager to your scene#

Open the Packages\MiddleVR folder in the Project tab and drag and drop the MVRManager prefab to the Hierarchy tab of your project:

After pressing the Unity play button, you can now navigate in the scene with your mouse:

  • Press Shift and the middle mouse button and move forward, then left/right.
  • Pressing Shift+Alt will allow you to go up or down and sidestep.

Preview window#

If you enable "Preview Window" and press Play, a new window will popup with exactly the same position/size and capabilities as if you had exported your application. This means you can also use active stereoscopy for example.

Export your application#

In Unity, open the menu File > Build Settings....

Make sure x86_64 is selected. MiddleVR is only compatible with 64-bit builds:

Make sure that the Platform is PC, Mac & Linux Standalone, and Target Platform is Windows.

Press Build and choose a location for your application.

Run your application#

There are two ways to run your application:

  • Run the .exe file through MiddleVR configurator as described here: this allows you to select the system configuration you want to use at runtime without modifying the application.

  • Manually execute the .exe file that was created and specify a configuration file on the command line with --config <path_to_vrx>. You can look at the command line that MiddleVR Config generates in the Custom and Debug arguments section.

More information#