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Some projectors are able to display a stereoscopic view for multiple users, a feature often known as Multiview.


Example of an XCave multiview system


Note: MiddleVR ships with a pre-defined configuration for dual eye-point configuration: VR/Wall_DualViewpoint.vrx

The MiddleVR configuration for multi-view must follow the following rules:

  • One user node per user, with an index starting from 0: User0, User1, User2, ...

  • Each user must have one HeadNode and one HandNode, prefixed with the user's name: User0.HeadNode, User0.HandNode, ...

  • Every screen and camera must be duplicated for each user. The names don't have to be prefixed by the user's name, but it helps clarify the setup.

  • Each user must have a wand, with an index corresponding to the user index: Wand0, Wand1, ...

  • Finally, make sure to give the corresponding 3D glasses and wand to the correct user, or a user might navigate another.

Sample configurations are shipped as Wall_DualViewpoint.vrx and Wall_TripleViewpoint.vrx.

Interactions and navigations#

If the configuration is done following the rules above, each user will be able to interact and navigate independently with their wands.

Lock navigations#

By default, if User0 is navigating, all users are following him. You can disable this by pressing Shift-L or by unchecking Lock Multi User Navigations on the MVRWand::MVR Navigation Wand Joystick:

Teleport a user to another user#

By pressing Shift-T all users will be teleported to the same position as User0.