Shadow project

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 18.59.12 copy

Download VRShadow for MiddleVR 1.7.

Download a simplified version of the project source here: VRShadow Project (1.6.2.f3 – Free).

(You can also download the previous Shadow demo for MiddleVR 1.6.2 and Shadow demo for MiddleVR 1.4)

Download Shadow MultiUser Tutorial (Requires MiddleVR 1.7)


– Make sure to read the tutorial: Running the Shadow demo

– Make sure to have configured the Wand correctly

– With the wand you can grab all the objects and throw them around. You can also move the girl, but not throw her 🙂

– With the wand you can interact with the TV on the wall: this is a regular Youtube page!

– With the wand you can interact with the computer on the right: this is a regular webpage!