• MiddleVR for Unity - HMD Edition

    The ultimate VR toolbox to add rich interactivity to your VR apps:

    - Display and interact with any webpage in your virtual world,

    - Navigate naturally in your 3D models,

    - Manipulate objects intuitively,

    Now with with a new edition for head-mounted displays only!

  • Professional Services

    Based on our VR expertise we:

    - create your VR applications,

    - develop MiddleVR SDK features,

    - rent VR hardware (Cave, Oculus Rift, zSpace, ...)

  • MiddleVR for Unity

    Quickly create powerful VR applications

    MiddleVR is the perfect Unity plugin to create powerful VR applications:

    - Support for any VR system (Oculus Rift, CAVEs, 3D-TV, zSpace)

    - Built-in interactions (Navigations, manipulation of objects)

    - Deployment on different VR systems without any modification

  • Create once, presence everywhere

    MiddleVR helps you reduce the time to move your application
    from one VR system to another:

    - Quickly add any tracking system to your Oculus Rift setup
    (Kinect, Razer Hydra, ...)

    - Move your application from a CAVE to a stereoscopic
    wall or a head-mounted display

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MiddleVR for Unity

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MiddleVR SDK

Adapt your DirectX/OpenGL application to any VR system.

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Virtual reality

“VR is the art and science of fooling your brain so that you feel present in a virtual environment.”


  • Sebastien Kuntz

    President / CEO

    VR expert with more than 13 years of experience. He started MiddleVR SDK more than 5 years ago.

  • Christophe Gouet

    VR Engineer

    VR expert focused on VR applications, interactions and CAVEs setup.

  • Laurent Aguerreche

    Senior VR engineer

    PhD in 3D and VR, specialized in C++, low-level integration and collaborative VR.

  • Alexandre Pia

    VR Engineer

    C++, 3D and VR expert and engineer, focused on GUI, low-level integrations and collaborative VR.

  • Xavier Le Coroller

    VR Engineer

    VR engineer, specialized in VR and Unity applications development.