Homography configuration tool

As described in the documentation, an homography is a transformation of a viewport that basically allows you to “drag” corners of the viewport. This is particularly useful if a projector projects outside the zone of a screen.

This is an example of image using homography:


Instead of typing the offset’s values for the corners of the viewport, we have created a standalone, easy-to-use tool to help you configure your VR system easily.

Here’s a video of the tool in action:



– Create a configuration for your VR system, including all necessary viewports

– The configuration *MUST* have “Force DirectX > OpenGL conversion” or Active stereoscopy enabled.

– Download the tool

– Execute it via MiddleVR config with a configuration matching your VR system

– Adjust the corners of all the viewports with the commands below

– Press “S” to save the configuration

After reloading the configuration in MiddleVR, you can then see the homography values in the Advanced section of each viewport


Available commands:
F1 – Show/Hide help
Tab – Select next viewport
Space – Select next corner
Arrows – Move the current corner of the current viewport
Maj+Arrows – Move the corner pixel per pixel
G – Show/Hide 3D grid
P – Show/Hide pattern for scale 1
S – Save configuration
Esc – Quit (don’t forget to save before)


Note: If you cannot run the homography tool


Homography setup 1.6.0f1

Note: This version is only compatible with MiddleVR 1.6.x

If ou are using MiddleVR 1.4.x, make sure to upgrade to the latest MiddleVR 1.4 version (available on our download page) and use this version of the Homography tool: