MiddleVR SDK


MiddleVR is a generic immersive virtual reality plugin designed to work with different 3D applications.

MiddleVR handles:

– Any VR system: HMDs (like the Oculus Rift), Caves, stereoscopic walls, zSpace, 3DTVs etc.
– Interaction devices like 3D trackers (see full list on the right),
– Stereoscopy: active, passive …
– Clustering: Scenelock, swaplock both sofware & hardware,
– 3D interactions: Navigation, manipulation, menus and custom graphical user interfaces.

Thanks to its easy-to-use and powerful configuration tool, setup your VR system in only a few minutes.

Read more about MiddleVR for Unity.


MiddleVR SDK is designed in C++ but can easily be used in a lot of different languages.

For example MiddleVR SDK has a C# wrapper.

Easy-to-use and powerful graphical configuration tool

With MiddleVR configure your VR system quickly and gain more time to focus on your application.

What you see is what you get !


Simplified interaction programming

MiddleVR offers ready-to-use interactions like navigation, objects grabbing, menus. Thanks to its simplified application programming interface (API) it is also easy to create your own complex interactions.

Portability: Create once, presence everywhere!

MiddleVR is designed to increase the portability of your VR application from one VR system to another. Most of the time you don’t need to modify your application. You only need to specify a new configuration to enable your application on a new VR system.


MiddleVR is designed to be adaptable to different 3D applications, allowing you to take the best tool for the job (CAD, architecture, ergonomics …).
MiddleVR focuses on managing all VR aspects (interactions devices, stereoscopy & clustering). Other aspects, such as 3D rendering, are not covered by MiddleVR.

Achitecture and philosophy

Here is a talk from SEARIS (Software Engineering and Architecture for Realtime Interactive Systems) workshop in IEEE VR 2014 in Minneapolis.

Here are the slides (make sure to view it in fullscreen):