“MiddleVR is the perfect plugin to bring VR capabilities to your Unity applications in a few minutes!”




MiddleVR adds the following capabilities to Unity:

  • HMD support (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, …)
  • Cluster support (CAVEs, Walls, Domes…)
  • 3D interactions: navigation, manipulation
  • Immersive menus
  • Custom graphical user interfaces (in  HTML5)
  • Display any webpage inside your virtual world
  • Scale one visualization with user-centric perspective
  • Support for 3D interaction devices  such as 3D trackers (see full list on the right)
  • S3D – Stereoscopy (active, passive)
  • Multi-screens / multi-computers synchronization for higher-resolutions and impressive VR systems

Thanks to the simple and powerful MiddleVR plugin for Unity, create and experience interactive &  immersive VR applications in minutes!

MiddleVR comes in several editions. Make sure to read the products comparison page.


MiddleVR comes with an extensive user guide, tutorials, knowledge base, support site and forum.

See the latest Changelog to learn more about the latest features




Portability: Create once, presence everywhere!

MiddleVR is designed to increase the portability of your VR application from one VR system to another. Most of the time you don’t need to modify your application. You only need to specify a new configuration to enable your application on a new VR system.


“We have decided a long time ago to choose MiddleVR for our VR projects. The hardware abstraction layer provided by MiddleVR is definitely a must, and high-level functionalities provided, like menus, navigations and VR system graphical configuration, allowed us to develop our VR projects more quickly. MiddleVR support team is always really responsive.”

Alexandre BOUCHET, Director, CLARTE, France

“Our VR system is a CAVE-like system with 14 projectors called “Octave”. The flexibility and ease of use of MiddleVR for Unity and the support from MiddleVR’s team has allowed us to quickly setup this complex VR system. This has lead to a radical increase of the speed of our development pipeline for students and researchers.”

John O’Hare, Research facilities manager & PHD Researcher, Salford University, UK

Working with MiddleVR for Unity is a great experience. It helps us to easily configure our CAVE VR System and provides an intuitive interface to control detailed settings. We strongly recommend for future VR researchers or companies to employ MiddleVR for Unity as a first step for VR world.”

Kyoungwon Seo, Imagine Lab, Research Institute for Serious Entertainment, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

“Immersia, the immersive platform of IRISA and Inria computer science laboratories, is a large VR facility dedicated to realtime, multimodal (vision, sound, haptic, BCI) and immersive interaction. 13 3D HD Barco projectors display over 20 millions pixels with an overall dimension of 10m wide, 3m deep and 3m high. MiddleVR is used in association with Unity3D to develop and deploy VR applications in Immersia.”

Ronan Gaugne, Immersia Technical Director, IRISA, France

Easy-to-use and powerful graphical configuration tool

With MiddleVR configure your VR system quickly and gain more time to focus on your application.

What you see is what you get !





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