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vrWidget Class Reference

Base widget class. More...

#include <vrWidget.h>

Inheritance diagram for vrWidget:

Public Member Functions

Widget: Properties
std::string GetLabel () const
void SetLabel (const std::string &iLabel)
Widget: Hierarchy management
bool IsParentRoot () const
vrWidgetGetParent () const
void SetParent (vrWidget *iParent)
void SetParent (vrWidget *iParent, bool iAddToParent)
void AddChild (vrWidget *iChild)
void AddChild (vrWidget *iChild, bool iSetParent)
void RemoveChild (vrWidget *iChild)
void RemoveAllChildren ()
vrWidgetGetChild (const std::string &iName) const
vrWidgetGetChild (uint32 iIndex) const
vrWidgetGetChildByIndex (uint32 iIndex) const
uint32 GetChildrenNb () const
Widget: Commands
vrCommandGetCommand (const std::string &iName)
vrCommandGetCommand (uint32 iIndex)
vrCommandGetCommandByIndex (uint32 iIndex)
uint32 GetCommandsNb () const
void AddCommand (vrCommand *iCommand)
void RemoveCommand (vrCommand *iCommand)
void ExecuteCommands ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vrObject
 vrObject (const std::string &iName)
 vrObject ()
 vrObject (const std::string &iName, const std::string &iType)
 vrObject (const std::string &iName, const vrType *iType)
virtual ~vrObject ()
void DeleteLater ()
 Delete this object at next VRKernel::Update() or vrDisplayManager::ResetUnityManager()
void AddRef ()
 Increment reference counter. Use vrRefPtr for automatic reference counting.
void Release ()
 Decrement reference counter, delete if equals to 0. Use vrRefPtr for automatic reference counting.
void ReleaseLater ()
 Like Release, but calls DeleteLater instead of delete. Use this from other threads.
bool operator== (const vrObject &rhs) const
std::string GetName () const
virtual void SetName (const std::string &iName)
std::string GetTag () const
void SetTag (const std::string &iTag)
uint32 GetId () const
void SetId (uint32 iId)
const vrTypeGetType () const
std::string GetTypeName () const
void SetType (const std::string &iTypeName)
void SetType (const vrType *iType)
bool IsA (const std::string &iTypeName)
bool IsA (vrType *iType)
bool IsA (const std::string &iTypeName) const
bool IsA (const vrType *iType) const
uint32 GetPropertiesNb () const
vrProperty * GetPropertyByIndex (uint32 iIndex) const
vrProperty * GetProperty (const std::string &iName) const
vrProperty * GetProperty (uint32 iIndex) const
vrProperty * AddPropertyValue (const std::string &iName, const vrValue &iValue=vrValue::NULL_VALUE)
void RemoveProperty (vrProperty *iProp)
void RemoveProperty (const std::string &iPropName)
void RemoveAllProperties ()
virtual bool HandleEvent (const vrEvent &iEvent) override
 Object: Handle event method.
virtual void BroadcastEvent (vrEvent &iEvent)
virtual void ClearEvents ()
void SetOwner (vrObject *iOwner)
vrObjectGetOwner () const
std::string ToString () const
void FromString (const std::string &iString)
void FromString (const std::string &iString, bool iIgnoreName)
virtual std::string Serialize () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from vrObject
virtual vrValue ToValue () const

Detailed Description

Base widget class.