Chapter 9. Known limitations and bugs

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MiddleVR for Unity3D

MiddleVR for Unity3D

- A camera can only be assigned to one viewport.

- Skyboxes are not rendered correctly when using stereoscopic rendering. You can replace the Skybox with a giant sphere or cube.

- Active stereo cannot have an anti-aliased rendering with deferred rendering.

- When using Active stereo, post-processing effects might not work. See our online knowledge base for more information:

- You cannot use Unity's keyboard/mouse management while using active stereo rendering. You should use MiddleVR's keyboard and mouse management.

- Some shaders, like the water shader, don't work correctly in stereoscopy or with asymmetric cameras. Those shaders should be modified to take into account the actual position of the eyes. With asymmetric or stereoscopic cameras, the camera's frustum is offset and the shaders wrongly assume that the eye is in centered.

- Unity's GUI system is problematic when using multiple cameras, especially when using stereoscopy. We are working on a workaround. Contact us for more information.