Running your application as a standalone application

The favorite option to run your VR application is to use the Simuations window from the configuration editor :

You can also just have to run it by double-clicking on the generated exe file.

Note: With applications generated by Unity 4, MiddleVR can't automatically remove the border of the window anymore. You need to add the -popupwindow argument on the command line. This is automatically done when launching your application from the configuration editor.

Note: If you want to copy your application on another computer, MiddleVR will first have to be installed on the system because MiddleVR is not embedded in the data folder of the application.

Note: The first time you run your application, if you're running in OpenGL quad-buffer (active stereo) mode, MiddleVR will copy an important file next to the application : the d3d9.dll which allows MiddleVR to get important information from your application. After the file is copied, MiddleVR will exit the application. Simply run it again and the application will run in stereo.

You can override the configuration that was specified in Unity by adding the command line option : --config c:\my_folder\my_config.vrx