Running your application in the Unity editor

As soon as you have configured the VR Manager, you are ready to run your application.

If the "Disable Existing Cameras" option is set, the VR Manager will start by disabling all the existing cameras of your application.

It will then create the whole VR hierarchy by creating an empty Game Object for each 3D node, including Screens but excepting Cameras. A regular Unity camera will be created for each MiddleVR camera found in the VR hierarchy.

Note: It is important to understand that the VR hierarchy are objects created only when you press play. As soon as you press stop, those objects will be deleted. The VR hierarchy is recreated each time you press play after having stopped the application. Pausing the application will not destroy the VR hierarchy.

If you change the configuration file, the VR hierarchy will be recreated as specified in this updated configuration file. This will ensure that your application is always up to date with your VR system.

Note: As the viewport geometry cannot be programmatically changed while in the Unity Editor, the geometry and aspect ratio of the viewports created by MiddleVR will look different than what they will be in the player.

Note: Active stereoscopy will not be displayed while in Unity editor. Only one eye will be displayed in monoscopy.