Adding MiddleVR to your Unity3D application

Import the MiddleVR package

The MiddleVR plugin is stored as a UnityPackage. To import the MiddleVR package, open the Asset menu, then Import package and Custom package :

You will find the MiddleVR UnityPackage in the data folder of your MIddleVR installation, typically C:\Program Files\MiddleVR\data (or C:\Program Files (x86)\MiddleVR\data if you're on a 64 bits system) :

Open the MiddleVR.unitypackage file.

This will open a new Unity window :

The MiddleVR package contains libraries (DLLs) and Unity scripts that will manage all VR aspects.

Simply click "Import".

The package will then be imported and is now available in your project

Add the VR manager to your project

Open the MiddleVR folder in the Project tab.

Drag and drop the VRManager prefab to the Hierarchy tab of your project :