Running simulations

The "Simulations" window allows you to manage both simulations that you want to run and the different configurations that can be used with them.

The goal is to simplify the management of your applications and VR systems. You can simply chose to run an application with different configurations, or run different applications on the same VR system.

The left list manages the simulations, the right lists manages configuration. You can add or remove simulations and configurations by pressing the "+" or "-" button. Removing a simulation or configuration will only remove it from the list, not from the computer.

If you're currently working with a configuration that is not already in the configurations list, you can press "Add Current" to add it.

Double-clicking on an application in the simulations list will open a file explorer in the folder containing it.

Double-clicking on a configuration in the configurations list will load it.

The current command line that will be executed is displayed in "Current command line".

Pressing Run will run the current command line.

If the configuration is a cluster configuration, it will send the command to all the cluster daemons, including the master.

Note: This means that you need to have the cluster daemon running on the server as well.