Importing the MiddleVR package in Unity3D

Now create a simple scene in Unity3D, or load your own.

Import the MiddleVR package into your project by going into the following menu : Assets > Import package > Custom package.

Load the MiddleVR.unitypackage that you will find in the MiddleVR installation folder. This is typically C:\Program Files\MiddleVR\data, or C:\Program Files (x86)\MiddleVR\data.

You should then see the MiddleVR package in your project :

The next step is to drag and drop the VRManager prefab into your scene :

Then specify the full path to the configuration file you've created :

Press play !

You will notice that the hierarchy that was described in your configuration is automatically re-created in Unity :

You should be able to move the camera around by pressing the middle button of your mouse.

Note: If the viewport you have defined in MiddleVR and the viewport in the Unity3D editor don't have the same aspect ratio, the view will appear distorted. As soon as you run your application with the standalone player the view will have the right aspect ratio.

Note: The TrackerSimulatorMouse might get stuck if you're using the "Maximize on Play" option from Unity's game viewport.

Note: Before exporting your player as a standalone application, make sure to read section "Exporting to a standalone player" for important advice.