Creating a mouse-simulated 3D tracker

We will start by creating a fake 3D tracker. This 3D tracker will be simulated by a mouse with three buttons. Later you will be able to replace this fake 3D tracker by an actual 3D tracker.

We will then specify that this 3D simulated tracker, representing a position and orientation in space, will move a 3D camera.

To create this mouse-simulated tracker, go into the devices window, press the '+' button to add a device, and select the "Tracker Simulator - Mouse" device in the 3D Trackers section.

Moving the simulated tracker

As specified in the Help section of the Mouse Tracker Simulator, the virtual tracker is moved by pressing the middle mouse button.

If you go forward or backward, you're moving the tracker forward or backward. You will see the Y value of the tracker increase or drecrease.

If you move the mouse left or right you will rotate the tracker left or right. You will see the Yaw value change accordingly.

You can reset its values by pressing both the left and right button at the same time.