Chapter 1. What is MiddleVR ?

MiddleVR is a VR middleware.

It has two main features :

- It simplifies the creation and deployment of VR applications,

- It is adaptable both to many different VR hardware and many different 3D applications.

The Wikipedia definition for a middleware is : "Middleware is computer software that connects software components or people and their applications."

At its core, MiddleVR is a library handling all aspects of a VR application : input devices, stereoscopy, clustering. It offers C++ and C# APIs (application programming interfaces), and a graphical user interface to configure a VR system.

MiddleVR is generic: it does not depend on any particular 3D engine and it is designed to be used with many different 3D applications.

Each software that wants to take advantage of MiddleVR must be adapted. We want the host application to be VR-aware to take the full advantage of its capabilities. We have designed MiddleVR to be as easy to integrate as possible.