Chapter 7. Cluster

Table of Contents

Cluster nodes
Preparing the computers
Configuring the cluster
Starting a cluster application from the Simulations window
Stopping a cluster application
Manually starting a cluster application


Clustering allows you to use multiple computers to drive a VR system than cannot be used with only one computer. The main issue then becomes how to synchronize all those computers? MiddleVR is able to synchronize multiple instances of itself running on different computers.

One particular computer, the cluster server, will synchronize its information with the other computers, the cluster clients. There are multiple levels of synchronization: framelock, swaplock and genlock. See section "Cluster Concepts" for more details.

Important note: The usage of clusters is complex, and MiddleVR will help you as much as possible in this task. But MiddleVR cannot do everything for you: you will have to understand the mechanisms of cluster and adapt your application accordingly.

Currently MiddleVR will automatically synchronize the state of all its devices. In the future we will augment the range of data that can be synchronised. It is already possible to synchronise a lot of data with the help of a hack while waiting for easier solutions. See below.

Note: We offer a separate documentation that goes into more depth about the synchronization and how to port existing applications, don't hesitate to ask it from us: