MiddleVR for Unity 1.6.1

The latest release of MiddleVR is out! Download it now!

The biggest features are:
– Full support for Unity 5 (including personal edition)
– Support for Haption’s haptic devices
– DirectX 11 support
– Oculus VR SDK version 5.0.1 (we’re actively working to support 0.6)

Download it now!

Note that starting with Unity 5, you technically don’t need to use Unity Pro anymore! All MiddleVR features can now be used with Unity Personnal Edition!


Virtuose™ 6D TAO


Here is the full changelog:


* **MiddleVR**
– New: DirectX11 support.
– New: command line parameter to set which DirectX DLL to load as system’s one. Example: Simu.exe [args…] –mvr-proxydll-original-dll-path=”C:\Windows\System32\d3d9.dll”
– Fix: multi-GPU support with heterogeneous cluster configurations.

* **Devices**
– New: Support of Haption haptics devices.
– New: Add support for the Oculus VR SDK version 5.0.1.
– Fix: Reduced latency and judder with Oculus DK2.
– New: Update Leap Motion SDK2 to version 2.2.5 (26752).
– New: Add IsTracked property support to trackers of the following drivers:
— Leap SDK 1 & 2.
— Oculus Rift DK2 (tell that the Rift is visible by the camera).
— Kinect Microsoft SDK 1 & 2.
— A.R.T. DTrack.
— TrackIR.
— InterSense.
— OptiTrack NatNet: IsTracked says whether the vrTracker is associated to an OptiTrack rigid body but not whether this rigid body is visible
by the infrared cameras.

* **Unity**
– New: Unity 5 support.
– New: Setting fullscreen mode to exclusive in the PlayerSettings for Unity4.6 and above.
– Fix: Unity 5 compatibility: Rendering plugins are now located in “Plugins/x86 and “Plugins/x86_64”.
– Fix: Fly parameter in VRManager prefab.
– Fix: MiddleVR_FirstPersonController package correctly disables Wand navigation.
– Fix: Physicalized objects no longer accumulate speed when manipulated.

* **Configurator**
– Fix: Long delay when starting MiddleVR Config on some computers.
– Fix: Duplicate configurations in the configurations list.

* **Immersive GUI / Web View**
– Fix: Unity 5 Personal Edition now uses the MiddleVR Rendering plugin for web views.
– Changed: VRMenu web page files are now located in “MiddleVR/Assets/VRMenu” instead of
“MiddleVR/WebAssets/VRMenu”. “MiddleVR/.WebAssets” will be left unchanged when importing
the new MiddleVR Unity Package. Make sure to report all your modifications to the new folder.