MiddleVR 1.4.2

We are always hard at work to bring you exciting new VR features!

For example we have added new navigation techniques:

You can also enable head collisions so that your virtual head never goes into a wall again!

We have also added support for homography and a tool to set it up efficiently. This feature allows you to move the corners of a viewport pixel by pixel to adjust the projected image to the physical corners of a screen:

We have also lots of improvements on the cluster management, native zSpace and SpaceMouse drivers and various bug fixes.

You can download this new version here: https://www.middlevr.com/files/MiddleVR_1.4.2.f1.exe

Here is the full changelog since MiddleVR 1.4.0:

* MiddleVR

– New: “Tracker Simulator Keyboard” that simulates a Tracker by a keyboard.

– New: Oculus Rift driver now uses the interpupillary distance set by the Oculus configuration tool.

– New: Multiple wands management.

– New: Added support for the first “Hat” of a DirectInput joystick.
– Fix: deactivation of yaw, pitch or roll in Trackers.
– Fix: Oculus Rift near plane was not correctly set.
* Configurator
– New: Ability to set *world* positions and orientations of nodes.
– New: Ability to drag and drop 3D nodes in the hierarchy to change their parent.
– New: Ability to manually resize columns of Viewports panel.
– Fix: Problem when double clicking on some configuration files to open them.
– Removed: zSpace-VRPN.vrx. Replaced by zSpace.vrx
* Unity
– New: Shortcut scripts “VRShortcutInvertEyes” and “VRShortcutReload” in “MiddleVR\Scripts\Samples”.
* MiddleVR
– New: Synchronize the seed random value across clusters.
– New: Disabling a VRClusterObject component in Unity will automatically stop its synchronization on clusters.
       Re-enabling the component will re-synchronize it again.
– New: Add method vrClusterManager::RemoveSynchronizedObject().
– New: Scale parameter for VRPN Tracker.
– New: Native support of the zSpace device.
– New: Rotation support for the Leap Motion device.
– New: SpaceMouse driver.
– New: Standard navigation techniques (Joystick, Elastic and Grab World). Used navigation technique choice from VRManager parameter.
– New: Simple collisions for navigation techniques.
– New: Toggle Fly mode with Shift-F.
– New: Toggle FPS display is now Shift-D.
– New: Switch navigation technique with Shift-N.
– New: Anti-aliasing configuration in forward rendering only, will override Unity anti-aliasing settings. (Unity 4.2 and later)
– New: Homography: this feature allows you to move the corners of a viewport pixel by pixel to adjust the projected image to the physical corners of a screen.
– New: Ability to filter tracker data applied to a node. The “IsFiltered” option on a 3D node can be enabled if a node has a tracker.
       The filter tuning is done with two parameters: “CutOffFrequency” and “Reactivity”.
       The filtering method is the “One Euro Filter”: http://www.lifl.fr/~casiez/1euro/
– Fix: Crash on Windows 8.1
– Fix: Compatibility on Windows XP
1.4.0 f3
* MiddleVR
– New: New DirectX SDK for Windows 8.1 support.