BBC Click shows first glimpse of new UK XVR environment, featuring MiddleVR

BBC Click features an episode on the 360 degree projection dome “IGLOO”.
The IGLOO is a portable dome-shaped structure which is equipped with 5 large projectors. These project a full 360 degree visual on the inside of the dome.

A team from E-Semble, Igloo Vision and Team Minerva have worked together to get XVR up and running in an IGLOO. You can see XVR in action the BBC Click Episode featuring Mark Allen from Warwickshire Fire & Rescue supported by a student from Shropshire.

XVR was made compatible with the Igloo using MiddleVR for Unity.

The BBC Click Episode will also show you a glimpse of the new XVR environment which our 3D modelers created specifically for our UK users. The new environment will be made available to all XVR users in the 2013 release planned in June 2013.

Click on the video to see XVR on the BBC Click Show episode. The video starts at 8:53: