MiddleVR brings virtual reality to Unity at Laval Virtual

We will be presenting the first official version of MiddleVR for Unity at Laval Virtual 2012. Come see us on our booth, H6!


Here’s a introductory video about MiddleVR for Unity:


MiddleVR adds the following capabilities to Unity:

  • Scale one visualization with user-centric perspective,
  • Support for 3D interaction devices  such as 3D trackers (see full list below),
  • S3D – Stereoscopy (active, passive),
  • Multi-screens / multi-computers synchronization for higher-resolutions and impressive VR systems (currently in beta version).

Thanks to the simple and powerful MiddleVR plugin for Unity, create and experience interactive &  immersive VR applications in minutes!
Read more about MiddleVR for Unity.


MiddleVR supports most VR systems:

° CAVE, immersive Cube (in beta),
° Holostage,
° Holobench, workbench,
° Powerwall
° Head-mounted displays (HMD)
° 3D TV and monitor
° …

… most interaction devices:

– Through VRPN:
° Intersense IS-900
° A.R.T DTrack, Flystick2
° Vicon
° NaturalPoint Optitrack
° …

Full list on the VRPN webpage.

– Through specific drivers integration:
° Razer Hydra,
° GameTrak,
° PNI SpacePoint Fusion

Contact us for any question regarding compatibility.

MiddleVR, the generic VR plugin

MiddleVR is a generic VR plugin that can be applied to many different 3D engines.

Read more about MiddleVR.

Thank you !!

We would like to deeply thank all our beta testers, which includes (but is not limited to) :

– PSA Peugeot Citroen,
– Max Planck Institute of Tuebingen,
– VECG, University College London,
– EventLab / University of Barcelona,
– Mines ParisTech,
– LCPI / Arts&Metiers ParisTech,
– INSA Rennes,
– CeDINT / University of Politecnica Madrid,
– Holo3,
– Immersion,
– Realyz,
– VisionAir3D,
– the VR Geeks,
– …

See you at Laval Virtual 2012 !