“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” — Leonardo da Vinci

Unity is a 3D application development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing 3D application.”

MiddleVR is the perfect plugin to bring immersive capabilities to your Unity applications in a few minutes!

MiddleVR adds the following capabilities to Unity:

  • Scale one visualization with user-centric perspective
  • Support for 3D interaction devices  such as 3D trackers (see full list on the right)
  • S3D – Stereoscopy (active, passive)
  • Multi-screens / multi-computers synchronization for higher-resolutions and impressive VR systems
  • 3D interactions: navigation, manipulation
  • Immersive menus
  • Custom graphical user interfaces (in  HTML5)
  • Display any webpage inside your virtual world

Thanks to the simple and powerful MiddleVR plugin for Unity, create and experience interactive &  immersive VR applications in minutes!

MiddleVR comes in several editions. Make sure to read the products comparison page.


MiddleVR comes with an extensive user guide, tutorials, knowledge base, support site and forum.

See the latest Changelog to learn more about the latest features

Read more about MiddleVR SDK.

Disclaimer : Unity is a trademark of Unity Technologies and is not affiliated with MiddleVR.

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